Exclusive breastfeeding and supplementary feeding.


There is a general believe or let me say it has been researched that children exclusively breastfed have higher immunity, grow better , optimal development and health etc

Don’t get be wrong this is true however, it doesn’t mean that babies that are supplemented with formular don’t enjoy the following benefits.

I have two kids. A girl and a boy. My first girl was not exclusively breastfed.

My second son is still breastfeeding exclusively. As I write this article I am at the back of my car heading to the hospital. He has a cough. This cough has been off and on for days. I keep telling myself “exclusively breastfed babies” don’t fall sick, they don’t have a cough, the are super babies. This came as a shock to me. I don’t expect my exclusively breastfed baby to have a cough. But here we are. Same issues I faced with my supplemented baby who constantly had a cough and I blamed myself everyday for not lactating and saving myself the stress of visiting the hospital constantly.

If I you ask me to do it again….

I would exclusively breast feed.
I would exclusively breast feed.
I would exclusively breast feed.

It’s easier. Safer. Cheaper (actually more like FREE) its stress free and I am still waiting to see more of the future benefits (higher immunity and all).