How to Manage Craving During Pregnancy


As a pregnant Woman, sometimes powerful craving for certain foods comes because of change in hormones. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy intensify sense, which influence taste and are powerful enough to affect food choices.

How to Mange cravings during pregnancy

 1. Don’t skip breakfast: To manage your food craving, never skip breakfast, because breakfast is king. When you start your day with the right kind and amount of nutrition, it helps you feel full and less hungry later on.

2. Eat often: Don’t eat or wait till you are hungry before you eat. Instead, plan small meals through the day and you will be less likely to binge on junk food.

3. Exercise regularly: To manage your craving, you need to exercise. It helps put you in a good mood and helps keep your hormones in control. Staying active is the best way to curb those unwanted hunger pangs. It also gives you a positive outlook and prevents emotional eating.

4. Snack healthy: You have to plan healthy snacks in advance. When you get hungry, you are most likely to reach out for something unhealthy if you don’t have healthy foods to eat during pregnancy. Always keep fruits, nuts and other delicious yet nutritious snack close.

5. Keep out the junk: The best way to avoid junk food is by keeping it as far away from your reach as possible. You are less likely to eat junk food if it’s not in your cupboard or fridge.

6. Look for healthy recipes: Whenever you want to plan your meals, make every meal exciting and delicious by experimenting with new healthy recipes and flavors. When you enjoy your food and it completely satiates you, you will feel less hungry after.

7. Learn How to Substitute : Have a fruit when you crave something sweet instead of a piece of cake. When you feel like having a can of cola, have a glass of fruit juice instead. Always ensure you substitute processed food with natural, healthy alternatives.