5 Foods That Help Pregnant Women Stay Fit



We cannot overemphasize the importance of water. water helps dilutes your urine, which reduces your risk of infection. You need to drink more water, especially if you’re battling nausea during pregnancy. Among other things water can do for you, it help you stay hydrated.


Vegetable contains Vitamin C, fiber rich, a source of iron, Vitamin A, C, K-1, calcium and folic acid, and so on. Eating vegetables while pregnant, includes healthy birth weights of babies and reduced risks for long-term health complications and diseases.


Banana is good for pregnant women to diet and snack on. Banana is a great source for potassium and fiber. Fiber is excellent for food digestion and absorption, while potassium helps regulate blood pressure. If you suffer cramps too often try a banana the natural antacid.


When you are pregnant your body doesn’t need excess proteins, but beans can provide the extra calories count by providing a variety of nutrients that benefit you and your unborn child. Beans have a lot of soluble fiber that helps keep cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check and folic acid which helps build red blood cells.


Potato is a good because its a source of complex carbohydrates. Also have loads of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B-6, potassium and iron. Copper which many people lack can be gained from eating potatoes.