Benefits of Antenatal Care 


Antenatal Care/Prenatal Care

It’s the time to time clinical assessment of mother and child during pregnancy. It might just be the best thing for you and your baby. Prenatal care helps to achieve a successful delivery process, it helps prepare the mother physically and mentally for delivery.

Benefits of Antenatal Care 

  • Antenatal care helps can prevent complications. Some pregnant women develop complications(hypertension and diabetes) early diagnosis helps the doctor monitor and treat to avoid complications at delivery
  • Antenatal help expecting mother to get information on pregnancy, birthing options,immunization,breastfeeding and caring for a newborn baby so she that can make informed choices.
  • Antenatal Care helps give parents an opportunity to understand the whole process of pregnancy, birth and early parenting,
  • Antenatal Care help maintain the health of mother during pregnancy.
  • Antenatal Care ensure delivery of a full term healthy baby.
  • Antenatal Care help prevent development of complications through health education, adequate nutrition, exercise, vitamin intake and appropriate medical and pharmaceutical intervention.
  • It helps teach the mother about child care, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Antenatal Care helps Decrease maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.
  • Antenatal Care class provide safe delivery for mother and educate mother about the physiology of pregnancy and labor by demonstrations, charts and diagrams so that fear is removed and physiology improved.
  • Antenatal Care provide information on pregnancy and birth and discuss with the couple about the place, time and mode of the delivery provisionally and care of the newborn.
  • Antenatal Care ensure continued medical surveillance and prophylaxis.
  • Antenatal Care class give advice and support to the women and her family for developing healthy home behaviors.