Building Good Habits in Children – It’s never too early (Part 1)


One important factor which seems to be easily forgotten as children are raised is the shaping of behaviour and character. The truth is when certain patterns of behaviour are repeated constantly, this becomes a habit. It has been said that “habits form character, and character makes a man”. It is important to note that it is never too early to start to develop habits in children. Children often copy and replicate what they see you do and also the choices you make. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to start off by ensuring the best habits are taught and developed on time. This will not just help in making it easier to raise them but equip them with requisite skills and character for the beautiful journey of life.

Here a few habits that are beneficial to you and your young one(s):

Developing a Healthy Eating habit

This is very crucial as seen by the increase in childhood obesity and diabetes. A baby after being weaned off breastmilk should be introduced to healthy foods which help growth and development. Introducing leafy greens, fruits and vegetables is a sure way to ensure that they get vitamins and minerals which help their development.  Nuts whole grains and foods rich in fibre are also good. Ensure that this is a part of their daily diet. Success will be helped by exemplifying; eating regularly what you give your kids will make it easier to help form a habit.

Also, try to avoid junk and processed food, you do not have to completely take it off the menu but limiting their intake of junk at an early age helps. You can also make homemade versions of fast food you enjoy sourcing healthier ingredients in making these dishes.

Teaching them about the benefits of healthy eating will help build better habits as they grow.

Physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the risk factors for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. This aside, being physically active helps increase blood circulation and improves cognitive agility while enhancing concentration in school. Ensuring your children are involved in physical activity is essential. Taking your kids on walks and to the park will help foster their overall well-being.

We will continue with habits to cultivate in your child, check our page for the next instalment.