Bed Rest During Pregnancy


As an expectant mother you dreamed of a perfect pregnancy with no complications, but your doctor has announced that a complication that may trigger pre-term labor forces your doctor to officially put you on bed rest. At this moment emotions are getting the best of you: you’re worried about the well-being of your baby and yourself, you’re bothered about getting everything ready for the arrival of your baby and now that you’re bedridden, your morale is spiraling down extremely fast.

Here are some stay busy bed rest ideas:

Keep a positive attitude:

As difficult as it seems, keeping a positive attitude is the best you can do for your unborn baby, Don’t be overwhelmed by negative emotions and stress.To help you keep perspective, continue to observe a daily routine. Stay in shape by doing some simple stretching exercises like moving your legs, feet, arms, and head softly. Don’t forget to take care of your appearance, as this will also have a positive effect on your mood and perception.

Entertainment at your fingertips:

Because your movements will be limited, prepare everything you think you might need to be comfortable and entertained throughout the day, as your bed will be your best friend all day.

Accept help:

Don’t reject the help of your partner, family and friends. Remember that sharing these moments together will help them feel included and useful. Take things one day at a time and accept their help when you need it.

Prepare for the birth:

You can prepare for birth from the comfort of your bed. Folding the baby clothes, making a list of what you want in your suitcase for the hospital, etc. These are all good ways to mentally prepare you for the arrival of your baby without stressing yourself.


To avoid tasks that accumulate as fast as your stress, why not consider using a housekeeper to keep your house in a good condition while you rest or fill up your freezer with a catering service? You can also ask your family and friends to contribute time to help you so you can rest your head until the big day.