Building Good Habits in Children – It’s never too early (Part 2)


We continue right where we left off last time with good habits we need to help inculcate in our children. Click here to read the part 1

Another important habit not too early to cultivate is

Good Hygiene

It is extremely beneficial to teach your little ones the importance of cleanliness; this helps in limiting the spread of germs that cause infections. Teach them to wash their hands before and after a meal, after playtime, and most especially after using the toilet. This should be ensured every single day as the proper washing of the hands regularly can help prevent the occurrence of simply caught infections in kids like the common cold.

It is also of immense benefit if the culture of brushing one’s teeth is taught early. Because children tend to want to swallow toothpaste this activity needs to be supervised. Brushing twice daily will imbibe in them a pattern that they carry into adulthood. There is, however, no need to floss until they are no gaps between teeth.

A Regular Sleep Schedule

Remember the nursery school rhyme that went, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Well, there are truths in that statement. Sleep is believed to be the energiser we all need to refresh and reboot from the routines of life. This is not only important for adults but for kids as well, even babies. Setting a sleep schedule helps in maintaining some form of structure to your kid’s life. Going to bed on time and waking up early and refreshed will help to improve cognitive agility.

Here are 5 reasons why a good night rest is essential for your little ones

  1. Promotes brain development
  2. Ensures good growth
  3. Well-coordinated movements
  4. Calms baby’s mood
  5. for right weight

Reading Regularly

Creating a reading habit is essential to your child’s success at school and even later on in life.  Reading to them as kids help foster language development while learning to read will help them become more creative. This habit fostered early on will help your child’s imagination soar.

To initiate this you could start reading to them as babies and involve them in selecting books when they become a bit older. You could also create a schedule which ensures that they read a book once every day. They are tonnes of books written for kids in the marketplace to select from.

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